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Stories of our clients

After comparing and contacting many IVF clinics throughout Europe, we settled on “Europe IVF” in Prague. Our emails were answered comprehensively within hours (in excellent English). And and they would do a complete IVF cycle during our summer vacation - unlike many other clinics who closed for part of August. Europe IVF are competitively priced (a fraction of UK prices) and offer a complete service - all pre & post cycle medications, blood tests, ultrasound scans etc. In fact, rather than hassle with long NHS waiting times we found it simpler to fly London-Prague with a budget airline for a day or two and have all tests etc.. done immediately at the clinic. Europe IVF continued giving us medical advice (via email) after our return to the UK, and also posted prescriptions to us for post-cycle medications! Despite our ages (58 and 37), and both being infertile, our first IVF cycle was successful and Katrin is pregnant! Our choice of clinic turned out to be excellent in every respect, and we highly recommend Europe IVF.


B.S. and K.S., UK

Thank you for making my dream come true - I am now complete!


K.L., Germany

Thank you for being with us and helping to make our family complete. Our warmest thanks to Dr. Kult for his magic!


T.N., Canada

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